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Basic Calisthenics

By Alex Linderman
Posted on 13 Jul, 2015

Calisthenics are a form of exercise to increase body strength, body fitness and flexibility through movements using one's body weight for resistance. When performed vigorously and with variety, calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, as well as balance, agility and coordination.

What has become known as the "calisthenics body" is easily identifiable by a rippled, muscular build, erect posture, balanced development, and no superfluous body fat. But before you attempt advanced calisthenics exercises such as the human flag or one arm pull ups, you need to build strength in all areas of your body through foundational exercises. These usually consists of a series of pull-ups, push ups, squats, dips, jumps and core-exercises.

Here is a basic chart you can refer that covers some of the basic exercises.

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